There are fewer ways to add a lovely touch to your outdoor space you can actually utilize than a custom deck or pergola. At Burns' Fence & Woodworks LLC, we're your go-to team for building beautiful decks and pergolas that last. Our team works closely with you to develop a layout that will increase the functionality of your home beautifully.

Unique custom built decks

Decks. Who doesn't love them? They are great for looks, entertaining, and just adding a space where you can lounge and relax. From small patio-style decks to large, dual level decks complete with railing enclosures, at Burns' Fence & Woodworks LLC, we can make it happen.

Beautiful pergolas

Similar to decks, pergolas are unique structures that add beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. These lovely wooden overhangs can be built over any surface, including your deck! Get shade during the summer with a pergola!

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